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Obtain a driving license

Like in any other country, to be able to drive in Seychelles, you need a valid driving license.

Who can apply?

Any resident of Seychelles may apply to get a driving license.

Where do I need to go?

Ideally you need to go to 4 main places if you want to obtain a driving license. These 4 places are:

• Initially, you need to go to your respective district police station.
• Respective clinic or hospital.
• Land transport division, Roads section in Land Transport head quarters, just beside the Meat Corner.
• Seychelles licensing authority in the Orion Mall building, ground floor.

What documents do I require?

• Your national identity card
• And the relevant documents given by the clinic and your driving instructor.

What do I need to do?

Given below are the application procedures for driver’s license:

• Get the Learner License application form from the respective police station.
• Go to the respective clinic and get the medical tests done for driving learner.
• Then fill the form appropriately.
• With the Land Transport Division, do a driving theory test.
• After passing the theory test, get your driving instructor to help you with the Off road test, and eventually road test.
• Finally, after passing both these 2 tests, you can go to the licensing authority to get your license.

Where can I get more information?

Ground floor
Orion Mall building

Postal address:
Seychelles Licensing Authority
Orion Mall Building,
P O Box 3,

Telephone number: (+248) 283444
Fax number: (+248) 224256
E. Mail:

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